Thanks for coming!

Changes. The only constant is change. Quick change is revolution. Slow change is evolution. No one can predict the future. I do not even wish to try. I hope in the future the world will become more and more just. That no one in the future will starve, the desserts will bloom, that we will all be able to live long healthy and meaningful lives. In my little book, Workers of the World, Unite and Stop Working, I look forward to a world where everyone fullered (i.e. to spend energy joyfully) and no one worked.

As for my own life, I wish to continue doing many of the same things I am now doing. Welcoming friends here in Paris, travel by train and sea to meet old and new friends, continue to read, to attend theatre and film performances, to travel to various Festivals, to dine with friends, to enjoy every minute (hopefully with little or no pain).

I hope you have enjoyed this effort to report my days (and nights) on Earth.”

Jim Haynes


Extract from Jim Haynes’ memoir Thanks for Coming! Encore!published by Polwarth Publishing, Edinburgh 2014
Photograph by Ece Ger