Meeting people

Special thanks to all the fantastic people who supported our crowdfunding campaigns on Indiegogo. Together, we can make this film become real!!

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Meet the wonderful people we interviewed for the crowdfunding campaign videos, from all around the globe

‘Meeting Jim’ by Jim Buck

‘I first made contact with Jim back in 1969. I was a teenager then and was nihilistic to the point of suicidal despair. Somehow I came across a copy of IT (a newspaper that Jim helped to found) and there was an article by Jim in which he invited readers to write to him and describe their … More ‘Meeting Jim’ by Jim Buck

‘Meeting Jim’ by Michael McEvoy

‘I think it was in 2002 I first met Jim Haynes. I was in Edinburgh performing my one-man show about the life of George Orwell, “The Last Man in Europe”. One afternoon I was standing outside the entrance to the Book Festival, handing out leaflets advertising my show. A man approached, half running, clearly in … More ‘Meeting Jim’ by Michael McEvoy

‘Meeting Jim’ by Rahti Gorfien

‘I am a life coach and theater artist who found out about Jim via a Facebook link sent by a playwright friend about Jim’s Sunday dinners back in 2010. We were headed to France from our home in Brooklyn, NYC on money bequeathed to me by a late mentor, an elderly actress who told me … More ‘Meeting Jim’ by Rahti Gorfien


Abhinav Agarwal comes from India, but he has been living in Paris for 6 years, where he works in IT. Abhi met Jim in 2014… “I was looking for something to do in New Year’s Eve, when I stumbled upon Jim’s Sunday dinners on the internet and thought it could be a great plan. After that … More Abhi

Ali Betil

Ali skyped with us from Istanbul, Turkey, where he lives and works as a filmmaker. Ali met Jim in 2015, when he was attending a French Cinema conference in Paris… “He’s such a common person that you want t see and meet. He’s accesible. He’s not extraordinary like someone who is out there doing something… … More Ali Betil

Alladine Lacroix

Alladine skyped with us from Paris, where she has been living for many years now. There she enjoys going to the cinema often, doing aquagym and writing. She met Jim about 26 years ago and is now a regular guest at Sunday dinners… “I travelled with him and other people to India once. He loves … More Alladine Lacroix

Ana & Daniel

Ana and Daniel connected with us from Skopje, Macedonia, where Ana lives and works as an architech. Daniel, who is a software developer as well as Ana’s boyfriend, was by chance visiting her the week we had planed to interview them, so they could skype with us together, which was quite cool. They met Jim through … More Ana & Daniel

Angela Bartie

Angela is from Glasgow (Scotland) and she met Jim in August 2003, while she was working on her Phd on Edinburgh’s Festival… “I can tell you about the time Jim asked me to bring him a freshly made croissant the first time I met him (I was interviewing him for my PhD!) – early on … More Angela Bartie


Antonia Hoogewerf is originally from London but lives in Paris, where she received our call. In the summer she takes people for walks all over Europe and in the winter, she travels and writes. In fact, she had just returned from India when we skyped with her. “I guess I am as close as anybody could … More Antonia

Çağan Duran

Çağan comes from Turkey. He skyped with us from the beautiful city of Istanbul, where he currently works on his PhD; although his real passion is travelling, something he does every time he has the opportunity. “My meeting with Jim was kind of indirect. I travelled to Paris last summer and I was staying with a … More Çağan Duran

Claudia Monteiro

Although she was born in Portugal, Claudia skyped with us from Edinburgh in Scotland, where she lives and works. She describes herself as “a connector and a street wizard” and she says to be passionate about stories and about making things happen… “however, if you were to look more formally at what I do in … More Claudia Monteiro

Edith de Belleville

We had the most wonderful time during our Skype interview with Edith, the funniest parisian tour guide ever. Edith has been attending Sunday dinners at Jim’s for 6-7 years and we enjoyed listening to her stories. We will never forget when we asked her… “Edith, in which ways has Jim influenced your life?”, and without … More Edith de Belleville


Elisabeth Ruimy-Cahen was born in Morocco but has lived in France since she was 6. She skyped with us from Paris, where she works as a lawyer. Jim is not only a good friend, but also one of her dearest clients. “In fact, my husband and I are going to meet Jim and his friend … More Elisabeth

Emma Lawrence

Emma is the loveliest 20-year-old girl you could ever meet! She’s originally from Minnesota (USA) but right now lives in London. She’s in her final year of a degree in “English and Film” at King’s College and she also works at the Victoria and Albert Museum. When we interviewed her, she had recently met Jim for … More Emma Lawrence


Evgenija Demnievska comes from Macedonia, although she has lived in Paris for many years now, and this is where she received our call, surrounded by her own paintings… the most beautiful background we could have wished for! Evgenija is a painter, but she also does some video-art, installations, interactive art…, depending on the project. She … More Evgenija


Frederik Steenbrink is Dutch but he connected with us from Paris, where he lives and works as a piano player, actor and producer for musical theatre shows. He told us about how he met Jim at Edinburgh’s Fringe Festival in 2007 and how years later, he helped him bring his shows to more editions of the festival. “The first … More Frederik

Gavin Mitchell

Gavin is the funniest man ever! He’s an actor who was born and lives in Glasgow, Scotland. He left us speechless after doing an amazing impression of Jim… we could hardly believe our ears! It was his exact same voice!! For a moment we truly felt as if we were speaking to the very same … More Gavin Mitchell

Hugo Bijon

Hugo is from Paris, France, but he skyped with us from Melbourne, Australia. He is a Finance student and he’s now trying to look for a job in Melbourne before he has to go back to Paris. Fingers crossed! Hugo met Jim briefly in summer 2015 at one of his Sunday dinners in Paris… “What … More Hugo Bijon

Isabelle Georges

Isabelle received our call in Paris, where she lives, although she works as a singer and performs in different countries. In fact, when we called her she was in the middle of a rehearsal at home for her new show and stopped for a while to do this interview with us. When we asked her … More Isabelle Georges

Joan Bakewell

Joan received our call from London, where she has been working as a broadcaster and a journalist for almost 50 years… “I met Jim because during the 1960s I was a BBC journalist and I would go up to the Edinburgh Festival every single year. I did it for about some 13-14 years, and of course Jim … More Joan Bakewell

Joe Fraga

Joe was born in Cuba but has been living in New York for the past few years. He works there as a technologist in the design field and he likes to see himself as a “creative mind”. “The way we met Jim is actually an interesting story. We met him by chance, by accident. We … More Joe Fraga

John Flattau

John skyped with us directly from Jim’s home in Paris, since at that moment he was visiting Jim for a few days. John lives in New York, where he works as an artist. He met Jim 56 years ago, when he was a student at the University of Edinburgh and Jim was running The Paperback … More John Flattau

Julia Watson

Julia skyped with us from London, where she has lived her whole life. She met Jim there when she was only 18 and he was working at the Arts Lab. “I was into publishing back then, and there was this big party for the launch of a book, which lots of people attended, and Jim … More Julia Watson


Keyvan Golestaneh lives part-time in Berkeley, California and part-time in Paris, France. He practises holistic natural medicine and Jim is not only a good friend, but also one of his patients. He is also a writer and will soon publish a book on health and diet. Keyvan met Jim over 18 years ago and through him, … More Keyvan

Lelo Boyana

Lelo is the most joyful energetic woman ever! She’s from Johannesburg, South Africa, where she lives and works as a human resources manager in a banking institution as well as a part-time blogger (with thousands of followers!). She met Jim in 2015 when she travelled to Paris on holiday… “I decided to ‘google’ things to … More Lelo Boyana

Martin Belk

Martin is originally from Carolina (USA) but he skyped with us from London. There he lives and works as a playwriter, a publisher and archivist for Jim Haynes. He tolds us about how in 2004, years after he had met Jim for the first time, he got invited through his friend John Calder to an event … More Martin Belk

Mary Burkhardt

Mary skyped with us form the suburbs of Chicago, where she lives and works as a real state agent. Mary’s story is one of a kind. About 14 years ago she read an article at the local newspaper about an American expatriate who left his country in his twenties and never came back. This man … More Mary Burkhardt

Masha Mombelli

Masha skyped with us from London, although she comes from Russia. She works as a fashion stylist and she has known Jim for more than 20 years. Jim’s atelier is Masha’s favourite place to be in Paris. There she feels home and Jim is no longer just a good friend for her, he is her family… … More Masha Mombelli

Morag Fullarton

Morag received our call in Glasgow, Scotland, where she works as a producer, writer and director for theatre and television. “I met Jim about 5 years ago, at the Edinburgh Festival. I was putting on a production called ‘Casablanca’ and he came to see it. I think he came to see it about 5 times, … More Morag Fullarton

Müge Sökmen

Müge skyped with us from Istanbul, Turkey, where she lives and works in her own publishing company. “In 1988 the book ‘Tropic of Capricorn’, by Henry Miller, was banned in Turkey for being ‘obscene’. We immediately came together as 39 publishers and republished the book to fight against these oppressive laws. I went to Frankfurt … More Müge Sökmen

Oğuzhan Akalın

Oğuzhan comes from Istanbul, Turkey, and this is where he received our call. There he runs his own production company and works as a sound technician for the filmmaking industry. He met Jim when he visited Paris in June 2015. He even had the chance to celebrate his birthday with a special private dinner with more … More Oğuzhan Akalın

Peggy Hughes

Peggy skyped with us from Dundee, a small city in the north of Scotland. She met Jim at Edinburgh Book Festival in 2007 and she declares herself as “Jim’s biggest fan”. When we asked her about her impressions of Jim, she replied… “I think everybody just wants to be Jim when they grow up. I’ve … More Peggy Hughes

Richard Demarco

Richard skyped with us from his home in Edinburgh, Scotland. We were ready to ask him the questions we had prepared for the interview but he immediately started telling us about how he met Jim and all the amazing adventures they went through together during the 1950s and the 1960s… “I met Jim during the … More Richard Demarco


Rozina skyped with us from Sofia (Bulgaria), where she was also born. She met Jim only very briefly in summer 2015 during one of his popular Sunday dinners in Paris… “I really liked the atmosphere (it was a warm summer day at the end of July): it was very inviting and relaxed and I had … More Rozina

Sarah Skinner

Sarah skyped with us from New York, where she works as a photographer/philanthropist. She met Jim in 2013 while she was living in Paris and working on a project to photograph ‘really amazing profound people’ that she thought were inspiring and making a difference… “Hearing his stories of his courageous crazy adventures of starting up … More Sarah Skinner

Scott Griffith

Scott‘s story is a long one… He was born in New York and lived in the States for 25 years, then moved to Edinburgh where he lived for another 30 years and finally retired to the south of France, where the weather is a bit more gentle. He used to work as an English language professor, and … More Scott Griffith

Sophia Walker

Sophia is a writer and a spoken-word poet from London. She’s sure she must have met Jim when she was a child, since her mum is one of Jim’s closest friends, but the first time she remembers meeting him was actually only 3 years ago, at the Edinburgh Fringe. “I think what I found the … More Sophia Walker

Stephanie Jones

Stephanie lives in Melbourne (Australia), where she works as a management consultant. Due to the large time difference, she had to do her interview late in the evening, right before going to bed after a long working day… “I met Jim when I was taking a career break to live in Paris for 3 months in 2015. I took some French … More Stephanie Jones

Stephanie Wolfe

Stephanie skyped with us from the beutiful countryside of Scotland. Her neighbour, Jaka, was kind enough to help her dealing with the installation of Skype and thanks to that, we could have a very enjoyable time with Stephanie. Thanks Jaka for the technical support! Stephanie used to work as a publisher and had her own publishing … More Stephanie Wolfe

Steve Gove

Steve received our call from Prague, where he moved from Scotland almost 20 years ago. There he decided to start Prague’s Fringe Festival, inspired by the worldwide famous Edinburgh’s Fringe. Of course, in order to do so, he needed to meet Jim, one of the forefathers of Edinburgh’s Festival… “I told a friend of mine about … More Steve Gove

Steven Ullman

Steven skyped with us from Los Angeles (USA), where he lives and works as a producer and director of live theatre plays and musicals. “I met Jim in 1984 at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. It was my first year there and I was producing and directing three shows and apparently, he came to see one … More Steven Ullman

Vanessa Muñoz

Vanessa is a scientist-to-be from Colombia, although she is constantly travelling to Europe and other parts of the world. “When I first met Jim I thought he was going to be an explosive person because I had read a bit about him, and then, I saw him so quiet, and I was like… ‘Ok, but … More Vanessa Muñoz


William Burdett Coutts was born in Zimbabwe but has been based in the UK for many years now. There he works as an artistic director for a production company based in London. When we called him, he was spending some days in Portugal. William met Jim in the early 80s… “Jim is a beautiful man. … More William