Steve Gove

Steve received our call from Prague, where he moved from Scotland almost 20 years ago. There he decided to start Prague’s Fringe Festival, inspired by the worldwide famous Edinburgh’s Fringe. Of course, in order to do so, he needed to meet Jim, one of the forefathers of Edinburgh’s Festival…

“I told a friend of mine about my project of starting a Fringe Festival in Prague, and he said ‘then you must get in touch with Jim Haynes. You don’t know Jim Haynes?? How is it possible!??’. Then he gave me a textbook, which was like an English language textbook that students in Prague were using, and in the middle of somewhere there was an article about this man who lived in Paris and every Sunday welcomed strangers from all around the world to have dinner at his home, and his telephone number was there. So I was like… ‘What?? Who is this… guy!!??'”

During our interview, Steve was kind enough to invite us to the next Prague’s Fringe Festival. He promised to help us spread the word through the Festival’s website and offered to show the film during next year’s edition. We were absolutely thrilled! Thanks Steve!!

meeting_jim-jim_haynes-documentary-film-people-steve_gove_02Jim and Steve and some baguettes

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