Frederik Steenbrink is Dutch but he connected with us from Paris, where he lives and works as a piano player, actor and producer for musical theatre shows. He told us about how he met Jim at Edinburgh’s Fringe Festival in 2007 and how years later, he helped him bring his shows to more editions of the festival.

“The first time, we only met very briefly, maybe 15 minutes, and then he had to head to another show. I didn’t see him again after a couple of years later. We were doing a show about Judy Garland in Paris and he came along. Jim lives in Paris, but he’s horribly nostalgic about the American culture: musicals, American plays, American writing and everything. He came to see the show a couple of times. After that he came 12-13 times, or something like this, and he always brought lots of friends with him, who bought tickets for the show, so that was very very nice.”

A few days after the interview, Frederik sent us some wonderful images of the premiere of his latest show “Casablanca” in Paris, which Jim of course attended. How would he ever miss a show!

Thanks Frederik for sharing all these wonderful memories with us!!

Jim at Casablanca’s premiere in Paris

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