Tribute to Jim Haynes

Dear friends,

We welcome you to come and join us for JIM HAYNES TRIBUTE SCREENING of the documentary Meeting Jim on the weekend that marks 2 months since his passing.

IF YOU ARE BASED IN THE UK, the broadcast will take place at 21:00 (London time) March 6th under the title Meet Jim: Citizen of the World simultaneously on BBC Scotland, Freeview/YouView, Freesat, Sky, Virgin Media and BBC iPlayer. After that, the documentary will be available on BBC iPlayer for a limited period of time.

FOR THE REST OF THE WORLD, the film will be available to watch for free here on for 72 hours, starting from 19:00 Paris time on Friday, March 5th until 19:00 Paris time on Monday, March 8th.

A kind of extended Sunday Dinner that will go on all weekend.

We felt that getting together once again around Jim’s inspiring life story to celebrate his extraordinary soul, could bring some much needed comfort to our hearts at difficult times like this.

We invite you to come and bring as many people as you wish.

Jim believed the world would become a better place if more people could meet each other. We, the crew behind this film, believe that the world can become a better place if more people can continue to meet Jim.

Thanks wholeheartedly for being such an important part of this journey that we hope will never come to an end.

The Meeting Jim Crew

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