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  • The Hollywood Reporter (Neil Young)

    “Ece Ger’s Turkish-German-Spanish-British documentary profiles the globe-hopping cultural eminence Jim Haynes.”

    “A documentary as genial, accessible and likable as its subject, Meeting Jim shines a welcome, belated spotlight on a major cultural figure who until now has been content to work his gentle magic from the sidelines. Louisiana-born Jim Haynes — a self-proclaimed “world citizen,” based in Europe for more than 60 years — is lovingly celebrated by a tiny sampling of his myriad close friends over the course of 70-odd minutes, and it’s to the credit of debutante director Ece Ger that the results so delightfully transcend mere hagiography.

  • Cinevue (Edinburgh 2018: Meeting Jim by Jamie Neish)


    “Jim Haynes is the focus of Meeting Jim, an unexpectedly captivating documentary by Ece Ger that’s been nominated for the Best Documentary Feature Film award at this year’s Edinburgh International Film Festival.”


    “It’s a rare thing for a film to creep up on you in the way Meeting Jim does, and that’s a testament to the way this man’s unique story has been pieced together by Ger. What’s constructed certainly isn’t predictable, nor full of dramatics, yet it’s funny, affectionate and surprising. It leaves an impression and should be seen by all who have the chance.”

  • (Meeting Jim by David Petherick)


    “Hugely enjoyable, life-affirming and astonishing”

  • HeyUGuys (Steven Neish)


    “A remarkable film about an equally remarkable man leading the most collegiate of lives.”


    “Meeting Jim is an honour, a pleasure and an inspiration, and afterwards the thought of showing up on his doorstep will seem like the most natural thing in the world.

  • The Times (Giles Sutherland)


    “Charming introduction to one of Edinburgh’s living legends”


    “De La Torre’s exquisite imagery and an almost perfect soundscape combine with deft editing and a simple structure to create a layered portrait. The cast of characters is as long as your arm. There are interviews with Angela Bartie, the historian, Steven Berkoff, the actor, and the late Stephanie Wolff Murray, publisher extraordinaire. Although short and anecdotal, the interviews build a picture of Haynes, who says: “Happiness is an intellectual decision . . . Life is short and we have an obligation to enjoy ourselves.””

  • The Herald Scotland (Neil Cooper)






TURKEY – Acik Radyo

12 December – Meeting Jim’s director/producer Ece Ger is interviewed for the Turkish radio station Acik Radyo, prior to a series of special screenings taking place in Istanbul that month.

Full interview here:

SPAIN – Cadena SER

19 November – Meeting Jim’s producer Marta Benavides is interviewed for the Spanish radio station Cadena SER following the success of the film’s screening during the Almería International Film Festival.


SPAIN – La Voz de Almería

15th November – Meeting Jim is recommended as one of the must watch films during the Almería International Film Festival

fical 2019

Online version of the article here:


SPAIN – Cinemanía

12th August – Spain’s top film magazine Cinemanía publishes an article about our documentary project while the crew is in the shootings.


Full article here:

Jim Haynes te invita a cenar (aunque no te conozca)

SPAIN – Canal Sur TV – CS Noticias

21st June – Our producer Marta Benavides talks about Meeting Jim’s documentary project and crowdfunding campaign. The interview appears on the news on Spanish TV channel Canal Sur.

La imagen puede contener: 3 personas, personas sonriendo, personas de pie La imagen puede contener: 4 personas, personas sonriendo, personas de pie

SPAIN – Canal Sur Radio

21st June – Marta Benavides is interviewed about Meeting Jim for the Spanish radio station Canal Sur Radio.

SPAIN – La Voz de Almería

22nd June – Our documentary project appears on Spanish newspaper a month before embarking on the shootings.Maquetaci—n 1 (Page 1)

Online version of the article here:

SPAIN – Interalmería TV

27th June – Our producer Marta Benavides shares the story behing our documentary project and the 20-minute interview appears on Spanish TV channel Interalmería Televisión.

13503073_289605304716837_3424663511897247925_o copia  La imagen puede contener: una o varias personas