Angela Bartie

Angela is from Glasgow (Scotland) and she met Jim in August 2003, while she was working on her Phd on Edinburgh’s Festival…

“I can tell you about the time Jim asked me to bring him a freshly made croissant the first time I met him (I was interviewing him for my PhD!) – early on a Sunday morning, in Edinburgh. I had to pick one up in the station and he was not impressed – of course not, a man who lives in Paris eating a train station pastry…!”

Angela works as a historian at the University of Edinburgh and she shared with us some other funny anecdotes about her encounters with Jim. She has also sent us some chapters from her books which refer to Jim as one of the most important figures in the cultural and literary scene of Edinburgh.

Thanks Angela for making some time to share all these hilarious stories with us!

Angela visiting Jim at his atelier in Paris

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