Sophia Walker

Sophia is a writer and a spoken-word poet from London. She’s sure she must have met Jim when she was a child, since her mum is one of Jim’s closest friends, but the first time she remembers meeting him was actually only 3 years ago, at the Edinburgh Fringe.

“I think what I found the funniest was that the first time we met, he came to see my show, and he took me to the Traverse to sit in the bar and grab a hot chocolate, and we just sat there for a couple of hours chatting and people who had never taken me seriously before but had known me for years, suddenly started treating me very differently… it’s amazing the credibility that is extended to you just for the fact that Jim Haynes takes you seriously. It’s kind of a tick of approval and I found that very funny. People were an awful lot nicer to me once they realised that Jim Haynes had time for me.”

Thanks Sophia for taking some time to do this interview with us! It was wonderful meeting you!

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