Claudia Monteiro

Although she was born in Portugal, Claudia skyped with us from Edinburgh in Scotland, where she lives and works. She describes herself as “a connector and a street wizard” and she says to be passionate about stories and about making things happen… “however, if you were to look more formally at what I do in life, festivals, events and communication are some of the areas I work in.”

She met Jim in 2006 at the Edinbugh International Book Festival, where I was working at the time…

“Jim is a friend, but I don’t think ‘friend’ is enough of a word to describe Jim. Jim has an interesting way of always cropping up in my life at times when I most need to be inspired, either through an email or something I catch in the air. So I can say he’s a friend but he’s also a kind of happy compass in my life.”

Thanks Claudia for such an inspiring interview!

Claudia and Jim in 2013

meeting_jim-jim_haynes-documentary-film-people-claudia_monteiro_00Jim and Claudia in 2015

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