Stephanie Wolfe

Stephanie skyped with us from the beutiful countryside of Scotland. Her neighbour, Jaka, was kind enough to help her dealing with the installation of Skype and thanks to that, we could have a very enjoyable time with Stephanie. Thanks Jaka for the technical support!

Stephanie used to work as a publisher and had her own publishing company in Edinburgh. Nowadays she still does some editing and helps people to find a publisher, although looking after her ducks, dogs, hens and poneys keeps her quite busy.

“I met Jim at the Fringe’s Book Fair, I think in the late 1970s, but his reputation came before him. He used to come and spend a lot of time at the Scottish stand, and he was great. Always friendly. He came with a formidable reputation of being a lady-killer and all the rest of it, but he was never anything but charming and generous.”

Thanks Stephanie for showing us Jim through your eyes!

meeting-jim_jim-haynes_documentary_film_people_stephanie-wolfe-murray_03Stephanie with her family at her house in Scotland

Stephanie with her ducks

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