Scott Griffith

Scott‘s story is a long one… He was born in New York and lived in the States for 25 years, then moved to Edinburgh where he lived for another 30 years and finally retired to the south of France, where the weather is a bit more gentle. He used to work as an English language professor, and nowadays he continues writing and reviewing some of the drafts by his writer friends, Jim among them.

Scott told us about how meeting Jim had a big impact in his life, his example being one of his motivations to leave the States and move to Edinburgh. He was spending a few months at a summer school at the University of Edinburgh, when he heard that a bookshop, owned by another young American man called Jim Haynes, had recently opened in Edinbugh’s downtown… “I found out about The Paperback bookshop, and went there and… I just paid no more attention to the course!

Thanks Scott for sharing all those wonderful and inspiring memories with us!

Scott and Jim in 2010

Scott at Jim’s 80th birthday in Paris in 2013 with two old friends

Scott’s wife, Barbara, with Jim at Jim’s 80th birthday in Paris in 2013

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