Julia Watson

Julia skyped with us from London, where she has lived her whole life. She met Jim there when she was only 18 and he was working at the Arts Lab.

“I was into publishing back then, and there was this big party for the launch of a book, which lots of people attended, and Jim was also there. The place where we were holding the party was full of so many interesting people of the day, theatre reviewers and managers, millions of film starts,… I walked in and I thought, ‘Oh my …, I don’t know how I’m going to survive this evening!!’. I was supossed to be there introducing people… I didn’t know anybody, and they all knew each other! And Jim… I think he must had seen across the room that I was in some discomfort so he came across and he really made it the most wonderful evening, because he then took me in hand and introduced me to people I had no courage to meet myself. So in that respect he made things possible… and fun! And he carried on doing so.”

Thanks Julia for all these amazing stories. We had the most wonderful time listening to them!

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