Oğuzhan Akalın

Oğuzhan comes from Istanbul, Turkey, and this is where he received our call. There he runs his own production company and works as a sound technician for the filmmaking industry.

He met Jim when he visited Paris in June 2015. He even had the chance to celebrate his birthday with a special private dinner with more friends at Jim’s atelier. It was a truly magical evening.

When we asked Oguzhan, “what do you think is extraordinary about Jim?”, he replied: “I think what is extraordinary about Jim are his dimensions… he’s so huge! But inside, he’s like a kid… I think he’s younger than me!“.

Thanks Oguzhan for such a hilarious interview!

Oguzhan celebrating his birthday at Jim’s atelier in June 2015

meeting_jim-jim_haynes-documentary-film-people-oguzhan_akalin_06Oguzhan celebrating his birthday at Jim’s atelier in June 2015

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