Rozina skyped with us from Sofia (Bulgaria), where she was also born. She met Jim only very briefly in summer 2015 during one of his popular Sunday dinners in Paris…

“I really liked the atmosphere (it was a warm summer day at the end of July): it was very inviting and relaxed and I had such a fun time playing games with Ece, Marta, Vanessa, Maria, Stephanie, Deborah, and some other guys. I was also very happy that I had the chance to meet all of them and exchange some personal experiences through the game that we played. I admire Jim for his big heart and his hospitality. He is adorable. I didn’t have the chance to talk to him enough, which is a pity. However, I bought one of his books (more specifically, “Everything Is!”) and I enjoyed reading it a lot. It was full of wisdom and daily inspiration.”

Thanks Rozina for sharing your impressions with us!!

Rozina with Jim and other friends at Jim’s atelier in July 2015

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