Stephanie Jones

Stephanie lives in Melbourne (Australia), where she works as a management consultant. Due to the large time difference, she had to do her interview late in the evening, right before going to bed after a long working day…

“I met Jim when I was taking a career break to live in Paris for 3 months in 2015. I took some French classes and my French course was only going on for 1 month, so at the end of it everyone was going back home and I was like… ‘What am I gonna do?? I’m staying here for anoher 2 months!’. Then I read about Jim’s dinners online and it sounded like a great place to meet people. So I went to one of Jim’s dinners and I ended up going to about 6 more of them while I was in Paris. From that moment on, all of my friends in Paris and the people I was regularly hanging out with were people I had met at Sunday dinners.”

Thanks a lot Stephanie for finding some time for us, it was lovely talking to you!

Stephanie with some friends at Jim’s atelier in summer 2015

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