Evgenija Demnievska comes from Macedonia, although she has lived in Paris for many years now, and this is where she received our call, surrounded by her own paintings… the most beautiful background we could have wished for! Evgenija is a painter, but she also does some video-art, installations, interactive art…, depending on the project.

She met Jim in 1993… “Jim has friends all over the world. The planet Earth is small for him. I had friends in Belgrade who wanted to send a letter to Jim. I was preparing to go to Paris and they asked me if I could bring the letter to him. After that first encounter, next time I saw him was many weeks later, when I decided to attend one of his Sunday dinners. 1993 was a hard year, my country was in war and people were in hate and killing each other… and at Jim’s place people were joyful and all these nationalities together… it was a big hope, it was so nice. I was very touched with the ambiance.”

Thanks Evgenija for sharing these moving memories with us!

Ana, Jim and Evgenija at Jim’s atelier in July 2015

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