Abhinav Agarwal comes from India, but he has been living in Paris for 6 years, where he works in IT.

Abhi met Jim in 2014… “I was looking for something to do in New Year’s Eve, when I stumbled upon Jim’s Sunday dinners on the internet and thought it could be a great plan. After that first time I’ve been going to Jim’s dinners at least once a month and just the fact that he recognises me every time and says ‘Hi Abhi, how are you doing?’ feels so homely… going there on and off on Sundays just feels like going back home and meeting someone I know and I care about.”

Abhi has also been helping us get in touch with a lot of people who have attended Sunday dinners and we funnily call him our ‘infiltrated agent’.

Thanks Abhi for your help and support! You’re truly unique!

Abhi with Jim and other friends at a Sunday dinner in June 2015

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