Joe Fraga

Joe was born in Cuba but has been living in New York for the past few years. He works there as a technologist in the design field and he likes to see himself as a “creative mind”.

“The way we met Jim is actually an interesting story. We met him by chance, by accident. We were travelling to Paris and we had everything arranged and, in the last minute, the place we were gonna stay at fell through. We started looking for places to stay on Airbnb… It was about maybe 3 in the morning in Paris by the time we started looking… and he was the only one that responded!! We didn’t know what we were gonna find because the ad said he had a basement and we were like… ‘Well, basement in Paris… that’s gonna be something interesting’. We took it as the only option we had and ended up getting to Jim’s place the next day and that was it… it made a completely different trip for us!!”

Thanks Joe for sharing these wonderful memories with us!

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