Müge Sökmen

Müge skyped with us from Istanbul, Turkey, where she lives and works in her own publishing company.

“In 1988 the book ‘Tropic of Capricorn’, by Henry Miller, was banned in Turkey for being ‘obscene’. We immediately came together as 39 publishers and republished the book to fight against these oppressive laws. I went to Frankfurt to meet Henry Miller’s agent, John Calder, to discuss the case and when we went there, there was a guy sitting. I didn’t even notice him. We talked and discussed and he was enthusiastic about what we were doing, so in the end we were acquaintance. But after that day, I forgot about the guy sittung there.

A few years later, I was again in the Frankfurt Book Fair, in the shuttle, and somebody said… ‘Are you Müge??’, and I said, ‘I am, but who are you!?’. And that’s how I was re-introduced to this amazing person who had this incredible memory and incredible ‘joie de vivre’. I’m really glad I got the chance to really get to know who he is.”

Thanks Müge for sharing these exciting adventures with us!

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