Morag Fullarton

Morag received our call in Glasgow, Scotland, where she works as a producer, writer and director for theatre and television.

“I met Jim about 5 years ago, at the Edinburgh Festival. I was putting on a production called ‘Casablanca’ and he came to see it. I think he came to see it about 5 times, and he loved it! I met him afterwards and he said… ‘Morag, this show is gonna come to Paris’. Eventually, it did, although it took 2 years. He produced the show in Paris, in the most wonderful theatre. Jim has an incredibly positive attitude. He’s the kind of guy that, when he has an idea, he’s gonna make it happen. He has no portrait of obstacles.”

Thanks Morag for sharing all of these memories and reflections with us!

Morag (on the very left) with Jim and the actors from the show Casablanca in Paris

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