‘Meeting Jim’ by Rahti Gorfien

‘I am a life coach and theater artist who found out about Jim via a Facebook link sent by a playwright friend about Jim’s Sunday dinners back in 2010.

We were headed to France from our home in Brooklyn, NYC on money bequeathed to me by a late mentor, an elderly actress who told me to ‘take Harper (my then 7 year old son) to Paris’.

Something strange and magical happened when we arrived at the crowded buffet.  One would think any child would get bored very quickly at such a talkie grown up party, but it was as though my son began channeling some familiar behavior from a past life; he stood in the midst of a circle of grownups with a (soft)drink in his hand, regaling them of his travels.  They were completely amused, as though they were in the presence of a tiny Noel Coward.  His manner was so poised and uniquely precocious at that moment that it felt preternatural.  I have no doubt something about the environment Jim created had evoked it.  It is not something I had ever witnessed in my son before, or since.

In fact, he even ‘picked up’ a lovely blonde Irish lady who offered to babysit him.  So we have Jim to thank for a lovely child-free afternoon in Île de la Cité!

When I hear that someone is going to Paris, I always refer them to Sunday Dinner at Jim’s.’

Rahti Gorfien

Rahti and her son Harper at Luxembourg Gardens in Paris, 2010

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