Mary Burkhardt

Mary skyped with us form the suburbs of Chicago, where she lives and works as a real state agent.

Mary’s story is one of a kind. About 14 years ago she read an article at the local newspaper about an American expatriate who left his country in his twenties and never came back. This man was now living in Paris and every Sunday, without missing a single one, would open his house to strangers for dinner. Mary thought this sounded amazing, so she cut out the article and stuck it on her fridge… ‘One day, I’ll go there’, she told herself.

Years passed but the article remained there, on the side of her fridge, and so did her idea of attending one Sunday dinner. Eventually, in February 2016, she finally managed to travel to Paris and meet Jim… “Meeting Jim was like a dream for me… and I finally made it! I even booked my hotel room close enough to my friend’s and also to Jim’s, so I would make sure I could easily go back if I had a little too much wine at Sunday dinner.”

Thanks Mary for sharing such an amazing story with us!

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